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Mortal Shell: Where To Find Solomon's Shell

Solomon’s Shell offers a nice balance of health and stamina, but its unlockable abilities set it apart. In this guide I'll explain where to find it.

Solomon’s Shell is similar to Harros’ at first glance, but dig deeper and you’ll find strong boosts to Resolve abilities. It has greater max Resolve, and many of his abilities centre around parries as well as Hardening. This makes the Shell extremely strong for experienced players, but newcomers may struggle to take advantage of its special abilities.

Below I'll walk you through where to get Solomon’s Shell.

Where to find Solomon’s Shell

Starting from the hub area in Fallgrim, walk out the front door. Directly opposite you there’s a cave, so head through it, dodging the bear traps littering the entrance.

The first thing you’ll encounter is Grisha a horrible, shredded, ape creature, thing. Instead of fighting it, dip to the left and follow a path that winds down towards a small crawl space covered by logs. Smash it open with a swing of your sword, then crawl in.

Once you’ve emerged on the other side, take out the enemy, then interact with Solomon’s Shell to add it to your collection!

I’d recommend fighting Grisha and cracking open the chest it’s protecting. Beat it and you’ll get a Glimpse, but the main prize lies in the chest which’ll reward you with a Mechanical Spike, a weapon upgrade for the Hallowed Sword.

The fight with Grisha isn’t too tricky as its attacks are fairly predictable and it takes a while to recover between them. I found success dodging, getting round behind it, then unleashing a couple of hits. It really is a case of waiting for it to attack, dodging or hardening, getting some hits in, then repeating this process over and over.

If you’ve got a heavy weapon like the Martyr’s Sword equipped there’s also a chance to stagger if you land one heavy attack, then follow it up quickly with a normal one. This is a great opportunity to land even more hits as it’s attempting to recover.

You’ve likely got hold of Harros’ Shell, but I'd highly recommend finding Tiel’s. It’s easily my favourite as it grants you a huge boost to stamina, and gives you much faster dodges. It comes with a compromise, and that’s far less health to work with, but the stamina bump gives you so many options in combat I reckon it’s worth it. Eredrim's Shell is also worth chasing down if you're after a Shell which'll let you survive plenty of hits.

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