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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlords update adds emotes, Epic Store and Steam party system

Oh lordy

Feudal fighting simulator Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord has added a gold tier update that I’m going to immediately abuse. No longer will I need to celebrate a victory by grabbing my cat and hoisting her aloft. Instead, there are new in-game emotes that I can deploy after reducing my foe to a pile of corpses.

There are other additions, including Epic Games Store and Steam party play and an in-game clan creation system. Let’s take a look.

The new ID system they’ve added will enable players on both the Epic Games Store and Steam to form up and play together. Though they won’t yet be able to emote together, as emotes are currently only in single-player. Still, easily joining a friend who has the game on another store is very welcome, though it's sad that the two stores don't play nicely together without the developers having to make them.

A new clan tab will let players easily set-up everything up in-game. You can build a clan, invite your friends into battle, and track wins and losses right from the menu. I've not really gotten into bespoke online battles in Bannerlord, but if you crave top-level organisation and cooperation they've made it all much easier.

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I spent the majority of the last five years waiting for a multiplayer game to build and update to test out small tweaks the development team had made. It's the sort of thing that really impacts day-to-day development. Seeing that tool that lets them push combat changes from the server to the client without any reloading... well, I shed a little tear. It's a fix that the players might never fully understand, but it'll knock months off of development time.

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