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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord finally gets proper mod tools

It's about time, too.

Muster the mod-makers! Official modding tools have finally arrived in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord with bespoke editors and toolsets for the feudal romp entering open beta today. While the lack of these tools hasn't stopped stubborn modders from taking a crack at Bannerlord, it should now be easier than ever to bash together your own weird twist on TaleWorld's sword-swinging sequel.

As mentioned, Bannerlord hasn't been lacking in mods so far - heck, we compiled our own list of the best Mount & Blade 2 mods, while Matt Bassil dove into the hows and whys of mod-making without official support back in June.

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Still, official mod tools should come as welcome news to folk who've been waiting to tear down Bannerlord's keep and remake it in their own image. Released in beta today, the toolset contains two main toolsets - a Scene Editor for piecing together worlds, and a bundle of Resource Editors to create the scripts, clothes, props and sounds you'll be filling them with.

To get you started, the devs have put together an hour-long vid running through the new map editor (above). You'll need to own Bannerlord to access the mod tools, of course, and should now appear in the "Tools" tab of your Steam library. Given it's a beta, things are still a little fiddly - you'll need to hit CTRL-E in the game's main menu to access the tools, and much of the documentation is still a work-in-progress.

Even so, I'm always excited to see what modders can bring us with the right tools. Without them, they gave us these very big men. Just imagine the giants they could give us with the developer's blessing.

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