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Ms Marvel punches up with some truly titanic hands in this new Avengers trailer

High five?

So long, San Francisco. A new trailer for Marvel's Avengers premiered at New York Comic Con at the end of last week, finally taking us away from the Golden Gate's latest mishap. Instead, we've got new plot details, a lengthy time-skip and new leading lady Ms Marvel (AKA Kamala Khan) punching her way through an army of goons with those massive mitts of hers.

It's a smart move to have a hero who's popular in the comic books but has yet to show up in the movies. I'm sure she's a well-rounded character, yes, but it's nice to finally stop comparing a lead in this game to a Hollywood millionaire.

It's been five whole years since the events of the last trailer - and if you weren't hot on Captain America's dad bod look, congratulations. He seems to have corked it at the end of that sequence, and the Avengers have all scattered. Now the world's all gone a bit X-Men, outlawing "Inhumans" as sick, dangerous, a menace to society.

That's a bit of a problem for you, Kamala Khan, Avengers superfan and unwilling owner of a pair of absolutely titanic hands. Truly colossal mitts, these. Reckoning the Avengers have been set up, Khan sets off to get the band back together. She'll be the point-of-view protagonist throughout Marvel's Avengers, and we see her catch up with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark (shaven and unshaven tech dad, respectively). Despite the death of their pal and life under an oppressive corporate regime, there's still time for that all-too-comfy Marvel patter to lighten the mood.

Let's get this out the way. Yes, Crystal Dynamics's heroes bear more resemblance to their fairground painting knock-offs than the silver screen. But maybe by virtue of being scripted cutscenes, the patter in this video isn't quite as dire as we've seen previously. It's no comedy gold, but there's nothing particularly dreadful to scoff at. It's all as safe and inoffensive as the film franchise it's aping.

There's a bit of bashing thugs with titanic fists between the banter, juggling foes with hefty kicks and punches. It does all look just as comfortably fine as the writing, mind. Serviceable, maybe even satisfying, but nothing to write home about.

I might not be the biggest fan of Marvel flicks (I think I saw Iron Man? Was that a good one?). But I'm quietly waiting for Crystal Dynamics to show us something much weirder and wilder than they've shown off so far. There's still plenty of time for the devs to play their full hand before Marvel's Avengers hits on May 15th, 2020.

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