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My Pointless Project For The Day...

...was playing World Of Goo using my iPhone as a virtual mouse:

I am geek, hear me make weird, smug nasal noises. (Also, I apologise for my face.)

Why did I do this? Well, why not? But why write about it? Because unfortunately that's the only remotely interesting thing I've done with my day, apart from blow my nose a lot and, in the depths of flu-ridden fever, inadvertently scream "SILENCE!" at a screaming child in the supermarket. I'm not proud.

Anyway. I've doggedly refused to buy any applications for my iPhone until now, preferring to make do with the free alternatives and the homebrew apps I can stuff on it because I've jailbroken it (Quake! ScummVM! MAME!). Intelliphone, though - that I dropped real Earth money on. I do most of my music and movie watching via my PC, so an app that lets me use my iPhone as a universal remote for it proved the stuff of happy, nerdy dreams. Earlier, I discovered that it can also emulate a mouse/laptop touchpad:

RPS' most exciting screenshot, ever.

Woo! Not a very fast mouse, but nevertheless a mouse, and one with the range of my home wi-fi connection. It was enough to let me play Peggle from bed, and World of Goo from the other side of the room. When previously attempting to achieve this most slothful form of PC gaming, I had this awkward wireless-mouse-on-magazine-on-my-lap setup, which wasn't terribly effective. This just about is, so long as I stick to games that don't require rapid response times. Yeah, it's nerdy and pointless, but so am I I do enjoy doing this kind of thing for the sake of it.

There's also a virtual keyboard function, which means the next step is attempting to play WAR with it. Wasting time is fun.

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