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Need for Speed Payback shows cars punching cars


EA have blasted the first "gameplay trailer" for Need For Speed Payback [official site] during their E3 announce-o-rama, showing a cut-down mission of cars battering cars so they can beat up a truck and steal another car from its belly. It's fast and furious but, sadly, has no Jason Statham. Have a peek:

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If this is actually part of the game rather than a demo bit, it'll be heavily cut-down and jazzed-up for E3 trailer purposes. Driving for ten seconds between cutscenes wouldn't be the greatest fun. And I'm guessing those supposedly tough cars won't take themselves out in two seconds.

But voila, that's the sort of fast and furious crimecar action Ghost Games are shooting for. The story campaign is about three folks coming together to take down the crime bosses of The House. It'll have plenty of regular races and other bits too, mind.

Need for Speed Payback is coming via Origin on November 10th, priced at £54.99.

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