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Need for Speed Payback is out tonight, fast and with fury

With great haste and rage

Though Need for Speed Payback's official launch day is Friday, for us here in the UK it'll be 11pm tonight. Payback brings fast and furious driving through an action movie-style story campaign, as well as an open world to pootle around and, I suppose, car races if that's your short of thing. Actually the game is already out now if you've paid enough, as the Deluxe Edition launched on Tuesday, but I didn't mention that before because Deluxeers were surely informed of that fact by their butler or video game sommelier.

The story campaign of Payback follows a crew of carcriminals trying to stick it to The House, a cartel who run the local casinos (and have the rozzers in their pockets, obvs). It's riffing a fair bit on the Fast and Furious movies, our Brendan thought when he played a preview version. Beyond that, it does have plain ol' racing as well as an open world to lark about in.

Observe, a trailer:

Payback will cost £55 on Origin when it launches at 11pm. Or the £70 Deluxe Edition is already out. Members of EA's £4/month subscription service Origin Access can already play Payback for ten hours as a trial too.

Holding back the release for people only willing to pay £55 is weird. I imagine there's an element of needing to placate shops going on here but sheesh, if someone is willing to pay full retail price on launch day and others are already allowed in, let 'em play.

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