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New Strong Bad Screens And Video

Telltale have released details about the first episode of the Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People, as well as the first gameplay footage.

Screenshots (click on them for fullsize) and details lie below.


Telltale describe the opening episode, Homestar Ruiner, thusly:

"Homestar Ruiner kicks off a typical day in the House of Strong, with our hero answering emails, dominating in video games, and setting out to pummel his enemies. Then Strong Bad's scheme to win the tri-annual Race to the End of the Race lands him with an unwanted guest: his dimwitted adversary, Homestar Runner. Now Strong Bad must find a way to get the disgraced athlete back on the Free Country, USA A-list (and out of his house)."


The footage, which can be seen here until I can get this bloody Flash converter to stop crashing midway through the avi, seems a slightly odd choice. It's a remarkably static scene, and not one particularly crammed with laughs. It's not that there's failed jokes, just a significant absence of them. However, it's great to know that the Brothers Chaps are working very closely on this (as fans of H*R will have noticed with the lack of a Strong Bad Email for a while (and the rather lackluster Teen Girl Squad that appeared this week)).


While I'm here, there's something I've always noticed about the Sam & Max games, and the same seems to be true of the footage for Strong Bad: the voices always sound like they're on a slightly dodgy radio. There's something... bubbly about them. It seems quite harmful to Homestar's voice in the clip, and has always bothered me for both Sam and Max. Is it just me?


I'm really looking forward to this one. There's so many good reasons to. The Chaps working alongside Telltale, and Telltale being David Grossman and Mike Stemmle. Pleaseohpleaseohplease be good.


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