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Night In The Woods Falls This Autumn

Something for the autumn calendar

Oooh! Night in the Woods [official site] will be coming out this fall. I'm not sure how much of a "thing" Night in the Woods was - we talked about it a fair bit in the hivemind secret chat palace but, in case you've forgotten, here are the basics:

The game focuses on cat, Mae, who has returned to her hometown of Possum Springs. But her former friends have grown and changed without her so it's not a matter of simply fitting back in. Night In The Woods is about being able to see new sides to Possum Springs. In practical terms it's a story- and character-driven game with a spot of platforming.

There are also two kind of minigames that have already been released around Night In The Woods. One is Longest Night which I haven't played. The other is Lost Constellation which I have - it's an utterly charming ghost story/folktale where you play as a crocodile astronomer. It's got this streak of darkness which stops the story feeling twee and reawakened my interest in Night in the Woods.

I will say I don't enjoy announcements that a game I'd like to play is coming in about six months, though. It reminds me that I can't play them now! Why can't game devs be more like Beyoncé and just drop games into my lap out of the blue? Although I guess Beyoncé wasn't trying to crowdfund her recent music so PERHAPS she could get away with no-one knowing it existed.

Waiting is awful.

Anyway, "Fall" it is. The exact date will appear closer to the time. In the meantime, it's still winter so I'd suggest Lost Constellation if you haven't played it before. It's good for curling up with when it's cold outside. Here's the pay-what-you-want Itch.io link.

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