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Night In The Woods creators are teasing their next spooky-looking project

Not in the woods 2

The Glory Society, the new worker cooperative founded by some of the creators of Night In The Woods, have started summoning their next project. Glory Society have awoken on Twitter to post this spooky gif of a crow on a gravestone. No, it's not Night In The Woods 2, they say. Just getting that out of the way.

The new studio has been quiet since their formation in early 2019, but it looks like we're about to hear more about what they're brewing. Glory Society are teasing their first game with a gif and a bit of of text that will probably make sense in context later. As for now, we're down to guesses. "The moon rises, the wind changes," they say in the Tweet.

It's an itsy bitsy gif, so if you can't quite make it out, the glowing gravestone reads "A season above" and "A season below." What's it mean? I dunno! Above that are a crossed bone and pitchfork surrounded by a crescent moon, leaf, stars, and a jack-o-lantern. The spooks are comin'.

Although it may not be Night In The Woods 2, it's no surprise to see a familiar art style with illustrator Scott Benson on the team. The Glory Society also includes Night In The Woods co-writer Bethany Hockenberry and artist/musician Wren Farren. Glory Society have previously said they have multiple irons in the fire, so this looks to be the first of the batch.

If you've not played Night In The Woods, it's one of many, many games available in the Itch Bundle For Racial Justice and Equality which you can still grab today in support of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and Community Bail Fund.

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