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PSA: You've less than a day left to get Itch's Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality

A great bargain for a great cause

You have until 8am tomorrow (midnight Pacific) to buy Itch.io's Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality, getting you over 1700 games and things while giving money to a great cause. The bundle has so far raised over $7 million (£5.5m) for NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund, which all proceeds to be 50/50. The bundle contains lots of games you'll likely know, like Night In The Woods (above) and Pyre, as well as loads of the smaller games Itch is known for. It's a bit overwhelming, so we can help you with recommendations too.

The bundle launched on June 5th with 749 video games, tabletop RPGs, game-making tools and bits, and such. It now has 1704. Some of those are free games, but part-way through Itch switched to only adding paid things. There are still: so many games. Pay at least $5 (about £4 including tax here in the UK) and you'll get the lot to keep on Itch. You can pay more, of course.

It is an intimidating thing, to be confronted with a list of 1704 items. A quick scroll will turn up some games you'll recognise, and we've been highlighting individual games on our tag. We still have a few more to talk about today. We're mostly tried not to focus on the obvious stuff. The unofficial Random Browser Game site helps filter the games too. And perhaps you have some recommendations of your own?

Oh, if you find manually installing game from .zips a bit confusing, the Itch App can handle all that for you. I am aware that a lot of people are now using Itch for the first time and the raw website experience is less helpful usual store clients.

If you like a game, hey, you could leave a comment or review for the developers or follow them on the site.

Itch is a great games store, fostering noncommercial and small indies with a welcoming tone as well as features like pay-what-you-want and letting developers set the store cut. It's very good to see them wrangle this huge effort. Other games store are notably quiet in comparison.

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