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Ninja Bots Are Big: Warframe Is Surprisingly Huge

Just like The Rock, it looks like the free-to-play shooter Warframe has millions of fans. Unlike The Rock, who vaguely claims "millions and millions", Warframe has a number for us. Three million. That is a big number, particularly when you realise they grabbed over a million in the last eight weeks. It's a claim that's substantiated by Warframe's continual presence in the top twenty most populated games on Steam. I have occasionally spotted it popping into the top ten as well. To celebrate this fact, though I'd imagine it was more of a coincidence, there's a new update out.

I'm downloading it right now, but I have to admit Warframe has flown under my radar. The hokey design, ninja-bots fighting aliens while kitting out their own dojo, is silly enough to gain my interest, so I'm not sure why I haven't popped in until now. And with the update's new content I'll have plenty to grind through.

I am told there will be a new Warframe: the Nova frame. She was designed in conjunction with the community, so that means she can teleport. That was always going to happen when you ask the community to design a class. No new maps this time, but current maps Orkin Void and Grineer Galleon will be updated with new mission styles, and Orkin Void will have updated loot drops as well. New weapons include a rapid firing shotgun, throwing stars, and a pistol. But the most important addition will be new helmets. Helmets are like angry hats.

Here, have an update video.

Cover image for YouTube video

It's out for free on Steam. Who's playing it? Are you enjoying it? Are you happy to spend a few pennies?

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