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Hitman 3's Elusive Target Arcade mode gets new contracts - and gets made easier

Fewer complications to your crimes

Hitman 3's second year saw the addition of Elusive Targets Arcade, which brings permanent new assassination contracts to the murder sandbox as opposed to the previous time-limited targets. Three new Arcade contracts were added this week, alongside tweaks which make existing and future Arcade contracts a lot simpler.

IOI laid out all the changes and their content roadmap for the rest of March in a new blog post.

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Hitman 3 had a rough start to its second year, as a clusmy Steam launch led to hasty compensation. New content continues to dribble out regardless. This week saw the arrival of The Nebulae, the Genera and The Vitae to the Elusive Target Arcade mode, for Hitman 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Finish any of the three and you'll unlock a new gun, the Sieger AR552 Tactical.

IOI are also making changes to all Arcade contracts, including reintroducing mission briefings, and reducing the number of Complications each contract has. Previously, contracts had three Complications - special requirements for completing the mission - whereas now they only have one. The Codices contract, for example, no longer has "One Disguise Change" and "Headshots Only" complications, leaving just "No Civilian Casualties" as the remaining wrinkle.

While Elusive Target Arcade contracts are permanent, time-limited Elusive Targets remain. On March 11th, The Collector elusive target will be available for ten days on Hitman 3's Dartmoor level. If you completed the contract when it was last available, you can still play it again this time.

On March 17th, some old Hitman 1 levels will be updated with support for Contracts mode, and then three new Elusive Target Arcade contracts will arrive on March 24th. You can find more details of all of the above on the full March roadmap, but we'll have to wait until deeper into spring for Hitman 3's planned roguelike Freelancer mode.

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