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Noita adds mod support and more spells

As if it weren't chaotic enough!

As if Noita weren't already deadly enough, a new update has added a dozen new spells that I don't doubt will kill me as hard as my foes. And as if the delightful 'all pixels are simulated materials which react with terrifying consequences' shooty platformer weren't chaotic enough, it now has official mod support. Yesterday's update also added two new enemies, three new perks, a secret ending, "a secret wormy thing." The phrase "a secret wormy thing" is mighty ominous in Noita.

Modders have been tinkering for Noita for a few weeks already, but the latest update has made it official and whacked 'em into the game menus. Noita's mod support is "experimental", developers Nolla Games say in the patch notes, but hell what isn't? They exposed a few more bits of game to modders too, so future mods can do more.

Noita mods already up on Modworkshop (it's not using the Steam Workshop, or not yet at least) include spells galore, a whole lot more world to explore, floods of liquids that dissolve all matter, lighsabers, god mode, and a whole lot of ways to proper muck up the sandbox.

Noita is the game we Can't Stop Playing this month. Matt looked at some of the simulations which inspired it, while Graham, well, Graham is playing recklessly in search of the perfect death.

Still in early access, Noita is on Steam, GOG, Itch, and the Humble Store for £14/€17/$18.

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