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NZXT's excellent H1 v2 small form factor case is 50% off at Amazon US

$200 for one of the best ITX cases, complete with 750W PSU, PCIe 4.0 riser and 140mm AiO.

NZXT's awesome H1 v2 small form factor case, complete with 750W SFX power supply, 140mm AiO water cooler, fans and PCIe 4.0 riser, is down to $200 at Amazon. That's half-price and the best deal we've ever seen for this critically-acclaimed (and Will Judd approved) ITX case.

I've had a system running in the NZXT H1 v2 for a few months now, and I've been really impressed with it. Because it comes with a power supply and AiO pre-installed, it's actually startling easy to build in - there are no annoying cables to run, or real thought required as the best positioning for fans or components. NZXT have done all the work for you here, with pre-run cables and a sensible design, so you just need to install your CPU, storage and RAM onto your motherboard and slide it into position. From here, you plug in the PCIe 4.0 riser, the cables and the AiO, and you're basically done - all that remains is installing the graphics card and gingerly folding everything closed before turning on.

I've even managed to open it up and swap out the CPU without much difficulty, which can be a nightmare on SFF builds - but here, you can leave almost everything in place. You also get plenty of room for graphics cards, with two-slot GPUs that can be up to 58mm thick and 324mm long. I managed to fit an Asus ROG Strix RTX 3090, so basically everything aside from a triple-slot RTX 4090 ought to fit!

the nzxt h1 v2, with its internal components shown
Can you see where the motherboard slots in, in the centre right of the picture?

Beyond the build process, there's a lot here to appreciate once your system is together. The glass panels front and back look good (though I'd prefer to have the option for a mesh front too for maximum airflow), while ventilated panels for the sides ensure reasonable thermals. There's a good amount of front panel I/O too, although a downwards-facing motherboard means that plugging and unplugging peripherals is a bit more annoying. At least you get a clean look once everything is in place!

Overall, it's a more visually-appealing and beginner-friendly SFF PC compared to the Cooler Master NR200P (of RPS deals fame), but it doesn't offer the same flexibility or durability and costs more.

Still though, at $200 this is an awesome prospect for anyone interested in small form factor PCs, and with a new wave of CPUs, motherboards and graphics cards on the way it's a good time to start sizing up a build.

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