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Obsidian announce Grounded, a shrunk-down survival game

Honey, Obsidian Entertainment Shrunk The Kids

Obsidian Entertainment, the gang behind The Outer Worlds and Alpha Protocol, have announced a new game and it is... not an RPG? It's named Grounded and it's a survival game with more than a whiff of Honey I Shrunk The Kids, having us play as kiddywinkles shrunk down smaller than creepy-crawlies. Trying to survive in a garden looks a touch more challenging at that scale. We'll be able to tell you more in a wee preview real soon but, for now, here's the announcement trailer.

Update: Even sooner than I thought, the embargo has lifted - check out our Grounded preview.

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There we are, wee kiddies made even weer, in a garden suddenly looking a whole lot more hostile. We'll gather resources, craft items, build bases, fend off nasty bugs, and generally try to survive. It'll support both solo play and four-player cooperative multiplayer. A friendly survival sandbox for friends, then, rather than one where other strangers riding dinosaurs will come kick the crap out your shed.

Obsidian say Grounded was created by "a small development team, one of many working on new projects in the studio." Ooh, so what are the others up to? This is one they started before Microsoft bought the studio up, and the first Microsoft are publishing.

Grounded is coming to Microsoft's Xbox Game Preview early access thing in spring 2020. It will be covered by the Xbox Game Pass. Like I say, we'll be able to tell you more about Grounded reeeaaal soon.

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