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Octopath Traveler wanders from Switch to PC in June


Following a string of rumours and leaks, Square Enix have confirmed that yup, they intend to release Octopath Traveler on PC in June. The retro-styled JRPG, made in collaboration with Acquire, debuted on Nintendo Switch in July 2018 and our Katharine has muttered encouragingly about it ever since. She's quite insistent upon getting to review the PC release, which I take as an encouraging sign that it's, y'know, pretty good. Have a peek in the new PC trailer below.

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Octopath Traveler, I'm led to believe, is a JRPG which mixes 2D sprites with low-fi 3D backgrounds to interesting effect. It has eight characters each with their own story, and... not having a Switch, I mostly know about it from what Katharine has told me across months of our What Are We All Playing This Weekend? posts. Let's skim a few of those for insight.

"It's more Octopath Traveler for me this weekend. I finally discovered you could assign everyone a second job class earlier in the week, which after 30 hours of play was both a wonderful surprise and something of a sweet relief. I know it's incredibly repetitive, with each of its eight characters' story chapters very much like the last, but man alive has this thing sunk its hooks into me good."

For a while. A few weeks later, she said "I've hit that bit in Octopath Traveler now where 75% of my party is woefully underpowered for their next individual story chapters" and did not seem best pleased. But she has since found her resolve.

"After stalling on it for a couple of weeks, the news of Octopath Traveler potentially coming to PC in June has given me a renewed vigour to see this thing through to the end. That's probably still another 30-odd hours off, mind, but I'm determined to draw a line under this before it arrives on PC where I'll almost certainly be tempted to buy it again, if only for those sweet, sweet, high resolution pixel graphics. So please cast some Haste spells for me this weekend. I'm going to need it."

Fingers crossed for her to finish it in time to start over for a PC review. It sounds... good-ish? Enjoyable with reservations, perhaps.

As for the technical nitty-gritty and options of the PC version, Squeenix don't say much. They do say it'll have "English and Japanese audio, and English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese text" and... that's all they say.

Octopath Traveler is coming to Windows via Steam on June 7th. Squeenix have not yet confirmed the PC price.

That American "Traveler" is going to do my nut in. Traveller, you lot. Two Ls. Take the L.

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