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Octopath Traveler may be travelling to PC next

The ninth path leads to PC

Square Enix's Octopath Traveler might just be the next console RPG to make the hop to PC, if a Korean Game Rating & Administration Committee listing (spotted by Gematsu) is any hint. The back-to-basics JRPG was a minor hit on the Switch, although debate still rages as to whether it's helped or hurt by it splitting its story between eight player characters with their own personal arcs. The game is also known for its trademark (literally) art style, "HD-2D", a blend of 16-bitty sprites, polygons and modern shader effects to make it look like a tilt-shift diorama. Below, an info-dump Switch trailer.

While I sadly don't have time for monster JRPGs like this, friends who aren't trying to experience the whole world of gaming simultaneously have good things to say about it. Each of the eight characters has their own special ability to use in the overworld. One character can buy rare items at a bargain price from random NPCs, while others can pick fights with non-combat characters, and the Dancer can shake those hips good enough that random villagers will die for her in combat. Battles are familiar turn-based JRPG fare, but the weird personal calls you can make outside of fights can affect combat a lot.

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While not set in stone, a ratings board confirming a PC version is usually a strong indicator that it's making the leap. We just don't know when or where. While it could be a Korean-only release, I would be surprised. I recall hearing that the game sold decently in the west, and Square Enix have done a good job bringing stuff to the PC in the past few years, even some more oddball games like Romancing Saga. Obviously a PC version won't be doing much more than the Switch version does, beyond increasing screen resolution, but it's nice that it might be happening. Fingers crossed.

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