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Of course someone has already beaten Sekiro in under an hour

Just a sek

As a fan of giving games with stupid names even sillier ones, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has me stumped. Stumped in name and stumped in-game, where a big drunk man with a sword and poison grog keeps slamming me into the ground until I've got a good idea how Loki felt in that scene from The Avengers.

Speedrunner "Danflesh111" is not stumped. He's beaten the game in 52 minutes. Of course he has.

A warning or two, before you click the button down there that says you're mature enough to watch many people get impaled by swords: "Danflesh111" is one of those angry sweary type of streamers. I'm mainly not a fan of his because he's stupidly good at the game I'm bad at, not because of that, but it's still not a great vibe. I'd suggest slapping over a Final Fantasy soundtrack or something if you're going to watch it all.

There are also boss identity spoilers plastered over the top right of the screen, which you might care about even if you'd assume you wouldn't. Sorry I can't be more specific.

I haven't watched more than a couple of minutes because I'm trying to play through it as blindly as my job allows. I don't know if he gets up to any trickery later on, but from what I've seen Dan's technique mostly consists of running past everyone he doesn't need to kill and aggressively chopping at the people he does. (Alice just flicked through and spotted no cheaty shenanigans.)

He also starts by heading off in a different direction than I did, which is a tad more revelatory. I can now look forward to being slammed into the ground by that red-eyed ogre fella instead.

If you're not the type who foolishly commits to subjecting themselves to such things without internet help, I'm sure Guideman Dave's Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guides are very good.

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