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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

1 week ago


Sekiro guide – beginners tips and tricks, Divine Confetti, Hidden Tooth

From Software's latest game - Sekiro: Shadow's Die Twice, has made a massive impact, and a recent patch was released that fixed one of the boss fights to how it was intended. There's plenty to discover about From Software's latest game. With the last boss falling to our katana and ninja gadgets, we've now got a complete compendium of all the boss battles in Sekiro:…

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2 weeks ago

Feature: Deep Blue Something

Steam Charts: Getting Dishy With The Fishy Edition

WARNING: If you're reading this, there is a very strong chance you're looking at news on your favourite game. Please, it's imperative you click on to discover crucial information.

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3 weeks ago


Sekiro 1.04 patch notes – what was introduced in the latest update

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice's  significant update didn't quite go to plan, but the latest hot-fix has amended this error. It is the only change to come in the latest update, but the previous version had some major adjustments to balance - mostly in your favour, and some bug fixes. As a result, some of your abilities are far more powerful as a result of the…

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Feature: Child Labour

Steam Charts: Blood From A Four-Year-Old Edition

OK, two things on the agenda. Firstly, I'm heading off on my expedition to attempt to break the Curse Of Steam Charts for the next couple of weeks. I'm returning to Ursidae, Caniformia, to find that ancient temple once more and attempt to appease the enraged spirit of Horace. Hopefully we'll never speak again! Secondly, Toby's back! This week's Steam Charts are brought to you…

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Sekiro boss guide – prayer bead locations, mini-boss strategies

Bosses in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice are not only the biggest tests you'll face, they also give you the opportunity to upgrade your abilities and health with both memories and prayer beads. If you've ever wanted to learn the best ways to defeat the likes of Genichiro, Isshin Ashina, and the Owl, then this hub will have all the answers you seek. [block id="663105" title="Sekiro:…

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4 weeks ago


Sekiro ending – getting all of Sekiro’s endings

Since Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has multiple endings, and in typical From Software fashion, there are a couple of points of no return that lock you into certain endings. If you do not want to see what the ending are for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, do not read on as this will give spoilers on how to achieve each ending. You have been warned. [block id="663105"…

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Sekiro mask locations – treasure carp locations

It's no secret that you can hunt the fish for treasure carp scales, but there is an item that's found at various vendors that upon completing them will give you the ability to upgrade your attack power with just skill points. The steps to obtain said item are a little obtuse, so we'll be going over all of the steps required to get the cherished…

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Sekiro Owl (Father) – how to find and defeat the hidden boss

Through some rather specific things you need to do in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you can unlock a secret boss fight. Though you may have overcome Owl in the present, you've not fought against him while he's in his prime, in the flaming room where you fought Lady Butterfly much earlier in the game. It's a rather difficult fight and we aim to guide you…

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Feature: Ah.

Steam Charts: Oh So This Is A Thing Edition

Haha, that was funny last week wasn't it! Remember how we did that whole bit where I had left RPS, but then I was still stuck writing Steam Charts? Heh, they do some good goofs at this site. Anyway, let's... [looks straight into camera]

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1 month ago

Sekiro tames the Blazing Bull, pumps up that arm

A wee Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice patch crept in overnight, coming to fix a few bugs and also rejiggle balance a bit. One early-game roadblock boss for some, the Blazing Bull, is a touch weaker. Certain roboarm weapons are improved with new Spirit Emblem casting costs too, though some skills are toned down. If you've got stuck in a ninjarut, relying on the same ol'…

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Sekiro gourd seeds – gourd seed locations, upgrading the healing gourd

That healing gourd in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice initially doesn't heal for much does it? Well you can upgrade your gourd by finding seeds in the world. On top of that, Sekiro also has a couple of different gourds that can help with certain status ailments. [block id="663105" title="Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guide blurb"] Another coveted collectable that's purchased from merchants are the mask pieces.…

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Feature: Live fast, die twice

Overthinking Games: an armful of surprises in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

While I was playing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, I thought out loud, “Man, do I have a lot of questions about surgery in feudal Japan.” Less about how you operate on a man so that he wakes up and suddenly finds himself with a prosthetic, having remained peacefully unconscious throughout the entire procedure, and more about how feasible the shinobi prosthetic in Sekiro really is.…

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Feature: WHAT THE F....

Steam Charts: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO Edition

Hello, and welcome to RPS's weekly round-up of the top selling games on Steam for the last weeeeee... WHAT?

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Sekiro True Corrupted Monk – how to defeat all three phases

If you didn't side with Great Shinobi Owl, breaking the ninja code in the pivotal choice moment in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, then the next area you unlock after defeating him is the beautiful Fountainhead Palace. But wait, who's this that's come to greet us at the door. Why it's that pesky monk from Mibu Village again, only this time she seems, real? Turns out…

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Sekiro Corrupted Monk – how to defeat her apparition

You've made your way through Mibu Village in Sekiro; Shadows Die Twice, and it's clear that there is something very wrong with the townsfolk. They almost seem zombie-like and seem to be protecting something of incredible value. Like the monkeys before, one of their own is the last line of defence, which fades into view as you approach a cave. This Corrupted Monk's apparition has…

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Sekiro Demon of Hatred – finding and defeating a hidden boss

Some may find that Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was missing a large flaming beast that can one-shot kill players without a second thought. That sounds like an appropriately Souls-like boss doesn't it? Well if you are one of those who missed those kinds of despair-filled fights, don't worry; there's a boss fight that might just be for you. [block id="663105" title="Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice guide…

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Sekiro Guardian Ape – how to defeat it twice

During your search for a flower for Lord Kuro in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you'll venture into a forest that is populated with monkeys. A much larger ape sits in a lake, guarding the flower, and minding his own business. As soon as you approach, it suddenly becomes clear that this feral beast really doesn't want you there and will use any means to get…

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Feature: Hardly kiss me

Steam Charts: Grand Finale Edition

It has happened. The day spoken of in legend. After two years, I am finally to be set free of the Curse Of Steam Charts. All its taken is entirely leaving my job in four days time to end this purgatory. The only decision left is to whom I shall pass this vexation. That, and how to avoid mentioning the actual games for one more…

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Feature: Hiden knowledge

The 400-year-old shinobi manuals that definitely inspired Sekiro’s prosthetic tools

Ninjas love scrolls. It’s just a ninja thing, don’t ask. They refuse to read anything that hasn’t first been rolled up into scroll form so they can unroll it again and dramatically ponder its contents. Luckily for us, they left a few of these scrolls behind. In the interest of important ninja science, I took a look at some translations of these aged texts, such…

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