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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice tool lets you slow it down or speed it up

Have it your way

If you're grooving the vibe of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice but think you might enjoy it more at a slower pace, hey, you can do that. The game may not have difficulty options but a player-made tweaktool does grant the ability to futz with the speed of not only the whole game but your fella specifically too. If you want to stretch time just a touch, it can help. If you want to zip around while the baddies are in slo-mo, go for it. If you want to make everything twice as fast for a full-on murderhell experience, oh god, you can do that too.

Timespeed options are handy features of the descriptively-named tool Sekiro FPS Unlock And More, which is made by "uberhalit". We posted about this before for its FPS-unlocking ability, and the "and more" part of its name has been expanded since then.

You can now, if you wish, separately set the game and player speed to be anywhere from 1% to 999% of normal. I'm guessing mega-high speeds might make your computer explode but hey, if you were truly hardcore you'd be able to play the game at 500% speed while trying to smother flames with your feet, right?

The tool does also include options to change the framerate cap, change the field of view, log stats like deaths and kills, run in a custom resolution, run in a borderless window... it's a handy thing to have anyway.

I like these speed options. Dark Souls and Bloodborne and whatnot aren't meant to be difficult, they're meant to be challenging. You're meant to hit a wall and need to learn a little more and think a little harder before succeeding. Overcoming the adversity is rewarding, the feeling they really want you to experience. That wall is not in the same place for all players.

Some will bump into the difficulty wall within minutes, while others might get half-way through the game before properly facing adversity. If you're not finding the walls where you should (and it's not hard to see where From try to put them in Sekiro and its siblings), sure, go on, fiddle away. Speed it up or slow it down, tune it to you. I'll be glad you get to experience the same feeling even if we're not playing an identical game.

This tool's options aren't an ideal solution but it's perhaps the best we'll get if FromSoftware won't create and tune difficulty options themselves in more creative ways. Clearer and longer telegraphing of moves, extra invincibility frames, more-generous healing, extra checkpoints... there's a whole lot they fiddle with if they wanted to. But they don't, so I'm glad we can do stuff like this on PC.

I would embed a video to illustrate the mod but everyone's so touchy about spoilers that I'll just link to this video showing the game at 75% speed with the player at 130% speed. Click or don't click, as you please.

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