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You can play Sekiro in multiplayer using this new mod

In PvE or PvP

Unlike its Souls siblings, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has no multiplayer. No wrong'uns invading your game to murder you, no friends helping you or hanging out. If you'd like that, good news: a new mod is out, adding multiplayer in both cooperative and antagonistic flavours. It's an impressive achievement, even if the mod's creator does warn it might be a little rough. It's nice to play a nice game and have a nice chat with your nice pal.

Grab the Sekiro Online mod and you could soon be leaping about with a pal or facing down a stranger. It supports up to six players: one host and five phantoms. While I'm not much of a Souls duellist, I would be curious to watch some slick fights with Sekiro's speed and gadgets.

"The mod is in an early public beta, so do expect bugs/crashes/instability, but also regular updates and patches," creator Luke Yui says. He does warn that "I've been working on this as a pet project for the past couple of months, and have nowhere near the skills and resources to completely duplicate flawless online play." He also notes that that "the PvE experience is akin to playing Dark Souls with 5000 ping."

That's not ideal for such a fast-paced game but look, you'll be hanging out with your mates in a game which doesn't even have multiplayer. I'll put up with a lot of nonsense to hang out with my mates - and I'll accept some nonsense from the game too, hey-o!

Sekiro is one of the best action games on PC, says us. It's a game I would go through again with a pal.

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