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Of Course You Know, This Means: War Z's Back On Steam

Oh boy, gaming's favorite brain-dissolving apocalyptic disaster is back! And in the game, naturally. After a sojourn away from Steam due to excessively shady dealings and unforgivably poor quality, The War Z's been re-listed on Valve's ubiquitous storefront. So then, the natural question: what's changed? Well, this probably warrants further investigation (yuck) inside the game, but for now, the answer appears to be "not a whole lot." You will, however, notice the omission of some flat-out untrue promises from War Z's last wibbly wobbly go-'round.

Previously, Valve declared Hammerpoint's survival MMO "premature" and opted to "temporarily remove the sale offering of the title until we have time to work with the developer and have confidence in a new build." Flash forward to now: you'll notice that the Steam page no longer touts between 100 and 400 kilometers of map space, 100 players per server, or other such questionable claims. Instead, it's all, well, pretty purposefully vague.

PCGamesN, meanwhile, points out that patch notes don't seem to indicate improvements in those areas, so odds are, it's still roughly the same game - at least, in terms of scope. Whether or not the laundry list of abhorrent issues John uncovered - including obvious and very frequent cash grabs, very little to actually do, glitches, and a horrible respawn mechanic - has been cleaned up remains to be seen.

Obviously, you should approach this one with tremendous caution for now. Or perhaps don't even approach it at all. It seems highly unlikely that Hammerpoint could stitch up so many gaping, pus-encrusted holes over the course of a couple months, so War Z probably still needs lots of work. Maybe play another game instead? Or go outside? Or see how many live fire ants you can stuff in your mouth before the resulting hospital bill is outside your budget? See? There are so many preferable options in this world.

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