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The War Z Changes Its Name, If Nothing Else

Supremely conspicuous online zombie-me-do game The War Z is no longer called The War Z. After what I can only assume was a drunken stumble to the Deed Poll offices, it's now going by the name of Infestation: Survivor Stories. Phew, that means the litany of dreadful nonsense that's surrounded the game since it first appears no longer applies, right?!

Taking to the always classy Facebook, developers Hammerpoint declared that the new name was to prevent "confusion". The poor things must have been horrified when it was pointed out to them that their innocently chosen name happened to share similarities with DayZ. And concept. And features. And then further aghast when incredibly famous zombie novel World War Z had a movie come out called the same. They say,

"Effective today, The War Z has changed its name to Infestation: Survivor Stories. This change has come about primarily as a result of some confusion and trademark issues with a similarly titled property. While we were reluctant to rename the game so long after launch, especially with nearly 1 million registered players, it was ultimately decided to be in the best interest of our existing community as well as future players in order to eliminate confusion. Please rest assured that this will in NO WAY affect you as players. The only difference you will see is the change in logo and website. There will be no interruption of service or change in content."

The War Z has previously been spotted borrowing images from other games, stating completely bogus stats about the size of the game, listing features on Steam the game didn't include, and nicking their terms of service from League Of Legends. When I played The War Z last December, I discovered it to be an absolutely abysmal game with almost no redeemable features.

But of course that was some old game called The War Z, not this new-fangled Infestation: Survivor Stories! Can't wait to give it a go!

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