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The War Z Beta Iz Ztarting Zoon

If The War Z were some form of night-walking terror creature that's traditionally been slotted into either fast or slow categories – let's say a gerbil – it'd definitely end up as the former. Hammerpoint's permadeath-optional zombie MMO burst onto the scene earlier this year, and it's kept up a rather unbelievable pace ever since. And now, both alpha and beta are right around the corner. I mean that, too. Go look around the corner. They're right there. And hey, you can participate if you'd like.

There is, of course, a rather predictable catch. In short, you've got three pre-purchase packs to choose between, and each one gets you different sorts of pre-release goodies. $19.49 will scare up beta access starting October 31st, but that's the whole of it. $29.99, meanwhile, lets you in early on October 15th and hands you $15 of in-game currency to play with and one month of "stronghold" map hosting. Last but certainly not least (because, you know, it's mathematically the most) $49.99 does the same, but also includes $30 of in-game currency, the ability to host a stronghold map for six months, and a special name designation on leaderboards (!).

So those are your options. Meanwhile, to give you a beta better idea of what you're in for, Hammerpoint also released a new clip of in-game footage that depicts two opportunistic survivalists slaying zombies and their fellow man alike in pursuit of a snazzy safehouse.

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Personally, I still have mixed feelings after seeing that. Big guns didn't seem particularly scarce - nor did ammo. Meanwhile, the zombies were just kind of... there. Even when sound effects seemed to suggest they were tenderly suckling on someone's earlobe, the players were never really threatened. So I'm not sure how "bigger, better, more" elements of traditional MMO-dom will ultimately mesh with The War Z's clear-as-day Day Z influence. I suppose, though, we'll have a much better idea very, very soon. For now, though, are you interested? Obviously, Day Z - while incredible - isn't perfect. Do you think The War Z's shaping up to be a viable alternative? Or are you planning to just wait on Day Z's standalone edition for the delicious fixes you crave?

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