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Colonize An Asteroid In Offworld Trading Company's Latest DLC

*cues that Aerosmith song*

Soren Johnson's ace outer space economy sim, Offworld Trading Company [official site], has some new DLC this week. Titled The Ceres Initiative, it adds a fresh location with some extra challenges. The DLC is set on a frozen asteroid, where a new colony is being developed. It's a promising money making venture, if the colonists can survive the er...rocky conditions.

You'll want to mine for Uranium, a resource only found on these unwelcoming asteroids that will both help your colonists build up the settlement and beef up your wallet. It also might be a smart idea to manipulate the market with your presumed monopoly on Uranium.

The Ceres Initiative gives you a few new tools to help you on your mission, in case you're worried. There's the Nuclear Power Plant, which can be built on any tile and provides enough energy from the asteroid's bountiful Uranium to keep your little colonists nice and toasty in the wild reaches of space. Mohawk Games tossed in Liquid Batteries, too, which keep your Solar Condenser, a valuable tool that collects carbon, oxygen, and water, humming along regardless of the time of day.

Too easy, you say? Well what if I told you Ceres has diminishing resources? That sweet Uranium spot you found close to home isn't going to last forever. You'll need to scout the landscape for more veins of the stuff if you want to survive.

You can find The Ceres Initiative now on Steam for £3.99/4,99€/$4.99.

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