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One of the best value AMD CPUs for gaming is 32% off at Amazon UK

The Ryzen 5 5600 is 98% of the performance of the 5600X at 81% of the price.

The AMD Ryzen 5 5600 is a cheaper, better-value version of the Ryzen 5600X - the CPU took the world by storm when Ryzen 5000 launched back in 2020. With six cores and 12 threads to access, you get good performance in modern game engines, while the higher single-core speeds introduced with this generation of AMD processors allows for better performance in single-core-limited (often older) games. It's a potent combination that makes the 5600X - and the 5600 - the best value AMD CPUs for gaming out there.

Normally the 5600 retails for £173, in comparison to £185 for the 5600X, but today it's down to £150 on Amazon, coming within £10 of the best price we've ever seen on this model.

This is a great opportunity for anyone building a new AM4 gaming PC, taking advantage of lowered prices in the wake of Intel's competitive 12th-gen CPUs and before the next generation of AMD CPUs hits later this year.

So how does this CPU compare to the 5600X that arrived earlier? Well, you're looking at a 200MHz deficit in terms of stated base and boost frequency, but almost everything else is identical: the same core layout, the same 32MB of L3 cache, the same 65W TDP and the same memory support. The 5600 hasn't gotten an RPS review, but if you look at Katharine's 5600X review and take off around 2% from every 5600X frame-rate you should be in the right ballpark! There's even the option for Precision Boost Overdrive to increase performance and make up the difference - awesome.

So: given that you're paying 23% more for the 5600X and only getting 2% more performance, the 5600 is by far the better choice at this discounted price. Snap it up now while you can, or wait and see what Ryzen 7000 brings!

That's it for now - stay tuned for more deals coming later this week!

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