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Out Of The Dark: Loads Of Shadowrun Returns Footage

Kotaku, the grand dame of games blogging, leads me to a Shadowrun Returns Let's Play. The significant part of that is that the whole thing wasn't smoke and mirrors. There is a Shadowrun game coming it for the PC. It exists. People are playing it. And I'd imagine that the people at Kickstarter are thrilled that another of their brood is showing signs of life and not honking on the money horn once again. Even more excitingly, people are already building things for it using the level editor. The mission embedded below that LPer Loserific is running through is fan-made. The glorious future of gaming's past returning to the present has begun.

It looks lovely, and there's a fair amount of content for a fan mission. You can tell by the questioning tone of the fellow that’s playing that what’s happening is surprising him, which speaks well of the editor and the game's systems. He's a man after my own heart: he made a female character, and attempted to flirt his way through the game. Part one is below, and there are more parts here if it intrigues you.

Cover image for YouTube video

There are other missions out there. The most interesting one is this attempt to recreate the SNES game. That was always going to happen, but the fact that it's happening before the game has been properly released is wonderful.

When's it actually out? Ooh! July 25th!

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