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Outlast 2 patch dials down the difficulty

Night vision boost

Horror splatterfest Outlast 2 [official site] has been patched to reduce the difficulty and boost the measly battery life of the player’s night vision camera – two issues that Adam flagged up in his review.

The camera is your main tool for seeing the game's over-the-top gore through the shadows, and worrying about how much juice it has left can get in the way of exploring what is a technically brilliant setting.

The latest patch means that the camera’s microphone – which you use to track members of a bloodthirsty religious cult through walls – no longer uses extra batteries. I would've liked to see the battery usage of the night vision reined in too, but it's a step in the right direction.

Developer Red Barrels has also tweaked the game's difficulty in "key areas and moments". Here's what the team said in full:

"While the launch of Outlast 2 has been a commercial success we have kept a close eye on the feedback from countless community members, let's players, and reviews.

"Today's patch introduces some minor adjustments to the game’s difficulty in key areas and moments. On Normal difficulty this will offer players a more appropriately balanced experience while still maintaining higher levels of challenge on Hard and Nightmare difficulties."

There’s a long list of other minor tweaks including some lighting and physics fixes, listed in the patch notes.

It's not going to fix the game's core issues (its shock tactics will still be, in Adam's words, "the equivalent of a flaming bag of poo on a doorstep"), but if you were on the fence then these changes are at least worth bearing in mind.

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