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Overwatch hero accents ranked from least bad to Tracer

A serious list aricle

Overwatch, the colourful hero shooter, recently introduced the hero Moira, an Irish witch with shiny hands. Being of the Irish persuasion, I thought I would take a gander at her. I wanted to listen to the lines of dialogue she had, which I’d heard included some true-to-life phrases of my homeland, such as “What are you on about?” and “You’re a chancer”. But I also wanted to see how bad her accent was, and chastise Blizzard for being so --

Oh no, it’s fine.

But I won’t let them away that easily. I set out to criticise their characters and by God I’m going to do it. Here’s an objectively indisputable list of the worst accents in Overwatch, ranked from least shocking to Tracer.


He's actually Icelandic

Blizzard at least could have hired a Danish actor to get this voice right.


They speak 'Brazilese' you idiot

Doesn’t speak a single word of Brazillian!


A Reinhardt in another game

Mispronounces the phrase “It’s hammer time”.


Sounds like a real person

Doesn’t sound anything like a gorilla.



Mispronounces "Dwee doo hoo".


Oi oi!

It's Tracer.

Conclusion: Overwatch is still grand.

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