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Overwatch gets new Oasis map, plus Roadhog hook fixes

Overwatch [official site] aka The Shooter You Watch From Afar With An Increasingly Disturbing Intensity, has got a new map, the high-tech paradise city of Oasis. The map has been in public testing for a while but it went into the full-fat game yesterday. You can see how shiny and new it looks in a trailer below. In other news, tanky hero Roadhog will be soon getting his slightly-broken hook ability fixed, says one of the game’s designers.
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Overwatch’s plans for 2017 include a server browser

Tracer, one of Overwatch's 23 gay characters.

Overwatch [official site], aka The Shooter Whose Locker You Leave Perfumed Notes In, will be getting a server browser next year alongside other updates, says Blizzard in a developer update. It’ll let you set your daft custom games as ‘public’, and they want to have a working version of it running in “early 2017”. There’s other small changes on the horizon for our best multiplayer shooter of the year, including the ability to have up to four emotes equipped at a time, which is downright obscene.
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RPS 2016 Advent Calendar, Dec 18th: Overwatch

Ho ho, you’d thought we’d forgotten about you! (We did) But never mind, we’re here now, sweet friend, with the eighteenth door of our advent calendar, teasing it open like a silky gown, showing you its lacy stockings, its hairy chest, its coy grin. What could it be?

It’s 2016’s best multiplayer shooter, Overwatch!
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Overwatch begins a blizzard of Christmas silliness

Overwatch [official site], aka the Shooter You Sigh At While Watching It Walk By, has begun some Christmas silliness in its latest update, including a new brawl mode that pits two teams made entirely of professional annoyer Mei against one another in a cautious snowball fight. There’s also some new skins, emotes and all that carry on. More importantly, the changes to the hero Symmetra have been added.
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Oasis map, Nu Symmetra now in Overwatch test realm

Oasis - Overwatch

Oasis has arrived on Overwatch‘s public test realm – that’s the bit where new patches are deployed before they make it into the game proper. Oasis the game’s new control point map, rather than Oasis the band fronted by the brothers Gallagher. They’re not in the PTR. Well. They might be if they’re into Blizzard FPSs I suppose, typing “Don’t look back in anger LOL” into all chat. Read the rest of this entry »

Here are the best Black Friday 2016 PC gaming deals

Black Friday 2016 is finally here, and it’s of course the biggest day for deals yet. We’ve rounded up the best below, so if you’re looking for great games or PC hardware, step inside.

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The problem with Sombra & the joy of Overwatch Arcade

Overwatch [official site] aka The Shooter You Secretly Fancy And Draw Pictures Of On The Bus To School, recently got a new character, a new map and a bunch of new game modes. No multiplayer FPS has grabbed me so joyously since I murdered thousands of my peers in Halo 2. I think it’s great. But I also like to point out the flaws in things I love. In Sombra, the Mexican hacker with a thing for noses, there’s a lot to like but also some frustration. Likewise with the new map, set in Antarctica, and the new 3v3 elimination game mode. I’ll try to articulate my problems with all of these. Come with me if you’re an Overjerk and you want to froth at the mouth about my opinions.
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