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Overwatch's next character is witchy healer Moira

We're all off to Blizzard World

The next character coming to Overwatch is a witchy pixie named Moira, Blizzard revealed during BlizzCon today. All right, Blizzard say she's a "geneticist" from Dublin but I know a pix-o-witch when I see one. Moira will wield powers of life and death, zapping beams and blasting balls that can heal allies but harm enemies.

Also coming is a new map set in a theme park based on Blizzard games. Named Blizzard World, it has zones and rides inspired by bits from World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and others. That is delightful. Here, come look at all this new stuff.

First, Moira. Magic (or technology, or whatever) flows through her fingertips, with her right hand blasting a beam that harms enemies to recharge her biotic enemies, while her left hand can use that energy to blast healbeams.

She can also blast bouncing balls that ricochet around levels, set to either heal allies or harm foes. She can also teleport, because technology. And unleashing her full power, she can zap a megabeam both healing allies and hurting enemies - even bypassing barriers.

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Blizzard say she's "coming soon". Learn more about her on the Overwatch site.

As for Blizzard World, it's a "hybrid Assault/Escort map". Aw heck, look at this place:

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Annnd if you want more lore, Blizzard also blopped a cinematic video delving into Reinhardt's history and it's so dull I'm just going to drop this here then leave okay bye.

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