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Overwatch's DeathHamster uses grappling hook to break players; game

Get over here!

He came in like a... well, what would you call it? A spherical distruption? No... but that's close... Anyhowdy, there's a new little furball in action amidst the unending battle nightmare of Overwatch. Hammond the Hamster pilots a gigantic murder-mech of his own design, built from the escape pod he used to flee an evil science lab. Wrecking Ball is the most innovative and wacky character to be added to the Overwatch line-up, and while he comes packed with a number of gizmos and attacks, one such device has called out to players and made them huge weirdo jokes: the grappling hook.

All video game grappling hooks are great, but I think we can agree that Just Cause 3 was the best modern game to make grappling hooks almost the entirety of the game. (Just remembered how much time I spent last year with Flinthook. Scratch that.) DeathHamster seems like he might be a bit overpowered, what with having a giant robot and this device which is allowing people to break the game right now, and forcing other characters to develop elaborate strategies to counter this.

In custom matches, you can disable cooldowns. Which means Wrecking Ball never needs to stop wrecking. Oh god oh god.

And, it turns out, you can absolutely attach Wrecking Ball to the payload.

This is the most fun I've seen other players having with an Overwatch character, and I can only hope that more ludicrous additions are in store for future additions to the game. If someone could also publish the lore of this world in one central location or as a book, I'd love to dig into that, because I feel like I always have just a great number of questions.

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