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Pick up Logitech's excellent G Pro X gaming headset for £57 (50% off)

Super comfy and great sound, it's no wonder it's our current 'best premium headset' pick.

Logitech make some of the best gaming kit in the business, and right now their G Pro X wired gaming headset is going cheap on Amazon. It debuted at £110 but now costs £57, nearly half-off its UK RRP. This headset distinguishes itself with a comfortable design, good neutral sound and a choice of leatherette or velour ear pads - with the latter being a godsend for spectacle-wearers like myself.

The G Pro X is a popular choice around here, being our top gaming headset recommendation when it was released back in 2019 on the back of good audio, a comfy design, useful software and a solid mic - and it remains our top premium gaming headset recommendation to this very day. Good headsets have since replaced it at the top of the pile, but the G Pro X remains a sterling choice - and at this discounted price, it's an essential upgrade in my book!

The G Pro X headset is designed for PC use, especially for esports thanks to its neutral sound signature and good detail, but it works with a wide range of devices that support USB audio, including the docked Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox (the latter via 3.5mm). Its simulated surround sound is quite reasonable out of the box, and you also have the choice of using the likes of Windows Sonic, DTS or Dolby Surround on Microsoft platforms, or 3D Audio on PS5. Personally though, I just use stereo and developer-made HRTF functions like that in Counter-Strike.

This is an awesome deal on a high quality headset, especially compared to new models like SteelSeries' Arctis Nova Pro which costs nearly £200 more. That headset comes with a fancy DAC and base station, but it's nowhere near better enough to justify a nearly 5x price increase! Similarly, there's little from Razer or Corsair that's competitive with this deal price, although you can take a look at some contenders in the official RPS best gaming headsets guide.

What else can I say about the G Pro X? Velour earcups are an absolute game-changer if you haven't tried them before and you have glasses - I love this material on the Sennheiser HD 598s I've been using for nearly half a decade, and when I discovered replacement velour earcups tucked into the bottom of the G Pro X box I nearly hyperventilated. I think the material deforms a little more easily than leatherette or athletic fabric, so your glasses aren't pressed into the side of your head and you still get a reasonable seal around your ears - and, it's just lovely to stroke. Of course, it also attracts fluff a little easier than the leatherette alternative, but that's a trade I'd make any day.

Thanks for joining us on this deal, and stay tuned for more! My usual shift is Monday to Thursday, two articles a day, and that means you've got at least one more deal to look forward to tonight...

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