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Pick up the Samsung Odyssey G5 27-in 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor for £209

That's £90 off its usual price.

The Samsung Odyssey G5 is a solid 1440p 165Hz monitor, and it has the benefit of being significantly cheaper than other options. It's normally around £299, but now it's been reduced to £209 - and that seemed like as reasonable a reason as any to write up a little blog about it.

So: the Odyssey G5. This model has been out for a couple of years, but still offers a convincing combination of specs. You get a 27-inch curved VA panel, which provides an immersive view with great contrast and good colour accuracy. Pixel response times are better than on many VA monitors, but not quite as good as the fastest TN and OLED alternatives. This makes the G5 a good choice for first-person games, especially ones set at night where you can really take advantage of its deep blacks. I played through Metro Exodus on a similar curved VA panel, and the bits where you're sneaking through the desert at night, avoiding creepy monsters and bloodthirsty slavers, were some of the most memorable parts of the whole game.

Elsewhere, you're getting the spec that makes the most sense for gamers with entry or mid-range PCs - a 1440p resolution that provides additional clarity over 1080p while being far easier to drive than full 4K. You also have a 144Hz refresh rate that is vital for fast-paced and competitive titles - I really struggle to play Counter-Strike, F1 2022 or even World of Tanks on a low refresh rate screen.

The Odyssey G5 therefore makes a lot of sense, but I'd encourage you to read some reviews before committing to a purchase - it's always sensible. We also have a nice collection of gaming monitor recommendations if you'd like to peruse that as well.

That's all for now, thanks for joining me and we'll see you again very soon with another deal!

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