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Pillars Of Eternity Big Update Due Alongside Expansion

Free for all

The second part of the Pillars of Eternity [official site] expansion The White March is due on February 16th, and so is Update 3.00. That free patch will bring new features and content for everyone, whether they've got White March or not. "What sorts of things?" you may ask, if you haven't been read forum posts and whatnot. I'm glad you asked, because this post continuing is kinda contingent upon reader curiosity. Now we've established that we're doing this together, let's peep at a new video showing off some of the fancy new things, from fun at your Stronghold to 'Story Time' difficulty.

So what are adventurers facing? The Story Time difficulty level doesn't remove combat, but does make it a lot easier. Or if you want more difficulty, the end of the game is tougher with fewer creature encounter and high-level folks can choose to make Act 3 scale up to their buff party. Also causing problems are knockout injuries, an option which'll have knocked-out characters gain debuffs until they rest. And the Stronghold has a new quest line and... look, here's Pillars of Eternity executive producer Adam Brennecke to talk about the main big new features of 3.00:

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Do check the current beta patch notes for the full run-down on what's in Update 3.00 - all the balance tweaks, bug fixes, and so on.

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