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Paradox are running a sale to fundraise for coronavirus relief

Proceeds benefit the WHO

Paradox Interactive are pitching in on Covid-19 coronavirus relief efforts with a sale on several of their big management games and RPGs until Friday, April 3rd. You can snag some mighty hefty discounts on things like Cities: Skylines, Pillars Of Eternity, and BattleTech. Paradox are committing proceeds from the sale to the World Health Organization's Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

Paradox say they're donating all proceeds from the sale—meaning the full amount, not just profits—which is a nice move.

You can grab several of their games at various discounted rates ranging from 50% to a steep 80% off on Cities: Skylines. The big build 'em up is one of the best management games around, along with Surviving Mars which is also included in the sale. BattleTech is on the list also, one of the best strategy games, where you direct fights between big honkin' robots while managing not just ammo and positioning, but the heat of the walking tanks as well.

Cities Skylines - Best Management Games

My two picks would be Obsidian's Pillars Of Eternity and Tyranny. Both are big, chunky RPGs that are admittedly quite verbose in Obsidian RPG style. Tyranny's quite neat though, having you play as the world-conquering baddie empire quelling rebellions and sorting out internal disputes instead of the plucky band of heroes. It's a nice flip on the usual fantasy RPG world-saving shenanigans.

You can grab those or some of Paradox's other games—Hearts of Iron 4, ye olde Shadowrun games, etc—over on the Steam sale page. The sale runs until 7pm CEST this Friday, April 3rd.

There are a couple other coronavirus-related fundraising efforts you can currently contribute to if you're keen. Humble Bundle's Conquer Covid-19 bundle benefits several different charities like Doctors Without Borders. Meanwhile, the GDC Relief Fund will benefit developers financially impacted by GDC's coronavirus-related cancellation.

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