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Pillars of Eternity: White March - Part 2 Coming January

Always rest after marching

Lawks a lummy, I swear everything's episodic today! I tell you, not one word of a lie, I bought a Bounty bar the other day only to find even they're now episodic - one half (Bounty: Episode 2) comes in a tough photodegrading wrapper so it cannot be eaten until a couple of months after you first open the wrapper. In this topsy-turvy world, it's perfectly natural that video game expansions should be episodic too. Pillars of Eternity [official site] was partially expanded in August with The White March - Part 1, and today developers Obsidian have announced Part 2 will arrive in late January 2016.

"There's a good couple of days' play here," our John said telling us Wot He Thought of Part 1, "and there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of it." It was unremarkable, in short, more Pillars of Eternity, which I suppose is dandy if that's what you want.

"But Alice," you whine like a hungry dog, "what ever will Part 2 bring?" Here's what Obsidian have to say:

"The White March – Part 2 adds new content to the Pillars of Eternity universe, including new quests, new abilities, and a new companion: Meneha, the Barbarian. The expansion also offers players a higher level cap, and the new “Story Time” mode, letting players experience the incredible narrative of Pillars of Eternity at a faster pace."

I just want the other half of my Bounty.

[Note for our chums in the US: Bounty is a lot like Mounds, only because it's not made with American 'chocolate' it tastes a lot less like the manufacturers hate you.]

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