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Pilot a deteriorating submarine through abyssal waters in Full Fathom

Hope you’re not claustrophobic

Okay, we all agree that the ocean is kind screwed up right? Like, we’ve all seen that YouTube video showing how deep the sea is and unanimously agree that it’s, like, terrifying? As much as I love relaxing subaquatic city builders and exploring underwater alien worlds, I want games about stuff in the sea that makes my skin crawl to think about. Enter Full Fathom.

So, Full Fathom isn’t out yet, or even has an official release date, but I just love the idea and look of this game. Being developed by Daemon House, this is an oceanic survival horror where you’re trapped in a derelict submarine that has sunken to the depths of an abyssal sea. You need to navigate your surroundings and keep the sub up and running to make your way back to civilisation, aka a rusty tin can is your last lifeline.

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From the trailer and screenshots, controlling the submarine seems incredibly tactile. Looks like you’ll be running back and forth between putting inputs into the navigation console, managing the ship’s turrets, checking the engine room, reading the sonar scanner, and trying not to let the weird, foreboding noises from outside the hull seep into your brain. It looks like you really are completely in charge of charting the ocean, which is a scary thought.

There’s something about controlling giant, mechanical contraptions that I love. Full Fathom’s different consoles and screens remind me why I love games like Nauticrawl and Far: Changing Tides so much. The vibe here is very different from those though and feels more like Iron Lung in terms of paranoia and claustrophobia (another excellent underwater horror game).

But yeah! Full Fathom looks cool, and you can check out the game’s Steam page here. Have some more screenshots:

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