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Screenshot Saturday Mondays: Gaming's fanciest interactive toilet?

Admire these indie games off Twitter

Using a toilet in RetroSpace.
Image credit: The Wild Gentlemen

Every weekend, indie devs show off current work on Twitter's #screenshotsaturday tag. And every Monday, I bring you a selection of these snaps and clips. This week, my eye has been caught by dramatic skies, a body-surfing game I cannot help but suspect is not actually Starfield, and the fanciest interactive toilet I have ever seen in a video game. Check out these attractive and interesting indies, and many more!

We're told this is Starfield and definitely not Super Buff HD (coming to Steam, with a demo there now) and yet:

Interactive toilets are a staple of immersive sims but RetroSpace (coming to Steam) is just taking the piss:

I'm still not sure what Ryan Corniel's real-time puppet experiments are for (possibly some sort of show?) but until I know they're not for games, I'll keep posting:

Fantastic physics fun and delightfully destructive violence in Epic Hero Game (coming to Steam):

Adepts Arena also offers geologic violence:

I don't know how I feel about a spider having the powers and proportional strength of a Spider-Man in platformer A Webbing Journey (coming to Steam):

Parkour! And... lightning claws? Curious to see what this prototype might grow into:

A lovely little scene in shepherd puzzle 'em up Summerhill (coming to Steam):

Another dramatic sky comes from adventure game FoxTail (in early access on Steam and GOG):

This is indeed a pretty swamp in paper-folding puzzler Paper Trail (coming to Steam):

A cheeky peek in Miniatures (coming to Steam):

I believe that this game (which I've posted before) still doesn't have a name, though I cannot believe that robots would be so rude to your hovershark:

And post-apocalyptic ocean survival game Full Fathom (coming to Steam) is just showing off now:

What else caught your eye this weekend, reader dear?

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