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Planet Coaster DLC adds Munsters, BTTF, Knight Rider


The first licensed rides have arrived in theme park-builder Planet Coaster [official site], and they're certainly not what I'd expected. The Munsters, Back to the Future, and Knight Rider have arrived with packs offering themed scenery pieces, special effects, and go-karts for £2 apiece. Heck yes I want people racing in DRAG-U-LA, a hot rod Dracula built around a coffin.

New stuff has arrived for free too. Alongside the DLC launches last week, Frontier Developments whopped out a patch whacking in a new ride and coasters for everyone.

The DLCs offer iconic vehicle as go-karts, pre-built scenery pieces, and as part-by-part 'kitbash' bits so you can build it as you please and re-use parts for other creations. Rounding the package out are signs and special effects, from bat confetti to flame trails.

They're all on Steam for £1.99/2,99€/$2.99 each. Frontier sell them in their own store too.

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All of these are licensed from Universal Studios. I wonder if we'll see more of their theme park stuff. Rides at Universal Studios parks include Jaws, Jurassic Park, Shrek, The Simpsons, and of course Waterworld.

Friday also brought update 1.3.3, whacking in new things for free. The new ride, the Coriolis, lifts cars on arms and spins and tilts and whirls and is certainly a ride I would go on in a travelling fair. The new coaster, the Manic Mouse, puts people in a big plastic mouse to spin and hop as they go. Four new coaster blueprints are in too.

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