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Have You Played... Planet Coaster?

Build coasters, make people vomit

Park visitors on a coaster in Planet Coaster
Image credit: Frontier Developments

Ahhh management games. Aaahh building games. Ahhh roller coasters. Planet Coaster is easily one of my favourite games in which to waste about 300 hours at a time. I’m only slightly exaggerating. I was a bit late to the party with Planet Coaster, but once you finally buy your ticket, there’s no going back. It’s so easy to get lost in the worlds you can create, with the tools you’ve been kindly gifted by Frontier.

My favourite thing is how awful I am at it. And it’s my own fault. Every time I try to build a roller coaster not from a pre-built blueprint I end up botching the whole thing and making a good-looking coaster with very little satisfaction. I mean, they’re satisfying for me but not for the people who come to my park. Build your own park then, if you think it’s that easy. I am realllly good at making a fancy queue though, so there’s that.

I do love that all of the rides and coasters have been modelled on real-life ones. It makes it that much more exciting when you know there’s real science behind it, and it’s fun to build coasters that look like ones you’ve been on in real life. Well, botched versions anyway.

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