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Planet Coaster gets Universal Studios-ish in new DLC

Lights! Camera! Action!

Many of the most impressive player creations in Planet Coaster are based on movies, as Rich McCormick noted in his recent revisit, and they'll get to be even more impressive now the latest DLC has added a touch of Hollywood. Released today, the 'Studios Pack' draws inspiration from movie parks like Universal Studios. It'll help players build movie sets, backlot tours, and glitzy rides with plenty of special effects, stunts, explosions, sounds effects, and other features that could really jazz up a park.

The paid DLC is accompanied by a free update adding new features for all players, including hotels and path tunnelling.

Frontier give the DLC pitch:

"Build Hollywood sets and backlot tours with new studio-themed scenery and wall sets. Combine new city props, vehicles, construction props and metropolis wall tiles together with Planet Coaster's existing themes to bring the silver screen to life. Build your own all-action blockbuster park by extending the pirate adventure, sci-fi spectacle or award-winning western themes and take park guests behind the scenes on a backlot tour where stunt people dive from rooftops, special effects dazzle and scenery explodes!

"Create the ultimate studio set with green screens, animated lights, film equipment, vehicle stunts, blowing newspapers, billowing dust, shattering glass and more."

They give a more in-depth rundown of the DLC's features in the update 1.6 release notes (the stuff under 'Update Notes' is the DLC, the rest is the free patch). I don't dig Planet Coaster myself, because its design tools are so contrary to how I like to create things, but I am certainly keen to see what park designers use all this for.

The Studios Pack is out now on Steam for £8/€11/$11.

As for the free update, that's out today too. It adds hotels for visitors to stay in, triggerable colour changes on props with custom colours, two new path-laying modes to help them tunnel through landscapes, new scenery pieces including transparent glass windows and new colours of concrete and asphalt, and track pieces that can make riders stop. Plus loads of bug fixes. See the release notes for full details on everything.

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