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Planet Coaster's Spring Update brings Go-Karts, crimes

New coasters are in too!

When I played Theme Park with my brother, he'd ask me to hire dozens of mascots so he could watch thugs roll in to beat up the pogoing teddy bears. It's the small things in life, y'know. Planet Coaster [official site] today celebrates the joys of crimes with the addition of pickpockets and vandals, and security guards to thwart them. Also arriving in today's Spring Update are Go-Karts and other new rides and coasters, along with exciting options for 'Duelling' coasters which launch in sync. Here, have a peek in this trailer marking the update's launch:

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So, new rides! We've got Go-Karts, a new tracked ride where, neatly, drivers do actually race a little bit - it's not one stock animation you'll see over and over. A big ol' Big Wheel is in, the new Elixir Machine treats players like chemicals in need of violent shaking, and the ZoZo is a gentle vintage rocket ride. Three new coaster types have arrived too, the Trident, Bakasura, and Steel Hydra.

As for crimes, they come in several types. Pickpockets are folks who come intending to steal, while any sufficiently unhappy teen or adult might flip out and become a vandal trashing benches or bins. To counter these, security guards are now here. They can spot, chase, and boot out pickpockets, or you can force 'em to eject someone you simply suspect of crimes (no justice in theme parks). They'll kick vandals out too. Their presence also deters littering.

Beyond visible big features, the Spring Update also brings the ability to rebrand rides to revitalise their prestige, blueprints supporting up to 4,000 scenery pieces and even multiple rides, options to make scenery pieces and certain rides non-colliding so they dont block blueprints, new scenarios, new coaster blueprints, over 150 new scenery pieces, more sound effects, UI tweaks, and bug fixes.

Hit update 1.2's patch notes for full details.

I didn't get on with Planet Coaster because its precise, detailed-oriented tools are antithetical to how I create, but I do still admire the game - and especially what some players can build with it. Go on, make cool parks with these new features for me to gawp at.

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