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Planet Coaster gets harder challenge mode, new blueprints, repaired taco icons

Guests now enter toilets centrally

New blueprints and a harder challenge mode are just a few of the ingredients in rollercoaster park-builder Planet Coaster's [official site] first patch. Update 1.0.1 also contains traditional fare like bug fixes and optimisations but I'm enjoying the patch notes for phrases like "Tacos icons now appear in Guest Inventories correctly" and "Guests re-equip balloons when leaving rides".

I've just been reading Fraser's review of the game and am considering dedicating the rest of the day to constructing "PIPWORLD! The best place on earth"™ but before I vanish into theme park construction I should probably finish this news story. Where was I? Oh yes.

Here's the full list of what's been changed or updated so far. The patch also comes with the reminder that a December patch will be adding free content of some description:

  • New blueprints
  • - ​New shops/facilities blueprints for all 5 themes
    - New scenery blueprints for all 5 themes
    - New coaster blueprints

  • ​Added a "harder" challenge mode
  • ​Crash fixes/stability improvements
  • Optimisations
  • Bug fixes
  • - Loading an old park will not reset your custom music
    - Fix black artefacts on HD4000 machines
    - Fix mouse issues on Windows 10 Insider
    - Fix heatmaps when a train falls off the track
    - Fix Priority Pass attendant animation issue
    - Reduced CPU/GPU usage when the game is minimized
    - Excitement, fear and nausea values now appear on coaster blueprints tooltip
    - Tacos icons now appear in Guest Inventories correctly
    - Fixed lights on dark ride in "The Creature Awakens"
    - Allow guests to stand at different heights on raised queues/paths
    - Guests re-equip balloons when leaving rides
    - Fix issue where control rebinding's were not being reapplied if you cancelled out of a change
    - Fix harness animation on Canyon Runner
    - Star Studded Career achievement fix
    - Guests now enter toilets/first aid centrally rather than clipping into the building
    - Guests with nothing to do leave the park rather than idling on the spot
    - Improved performance when editing terrain around water bodies

  • QoL improvements
  • - ​Coaster auto-avoid now ignores terrain when auto-tunnelling is selected
    - Clicking a notification will now rotate the camera to focus on the affected facility/exit/entrance
    - Height markers now appear when building downhill more often
    - Community translations now support overriding the games font, allowing support for East Asian languages where characters were previously not included.
    - Escape now exits the main menu

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