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Prison Architect 2.0 Is The Last Major Update

Down down, deeper and down

Prison Architect [official site] technically left early access ten months ago but developers Introversion Software have kept updating their build-o-management game as before. Now they're finally almost done. After the upcoming release of version 2.0, Introversion plan to call it a day and - aside from fixing bugs which pop up - focus on new things like their pretty cave-scanning game. V2.0 will properly launch next month but you can try a preview version today if you fancy playing with tricky events like food poisoning and mass tunnelling.

The full patch notes are over here, detailing everything from user interface improvements and expanded mod support to new items like an arcade cabinet and those new events. The full list of those is: contraband surge; tree fire; food poisoning; agitating radio; CI list leak; mass tunnelling; preacher. Yup, those sound like they'd be nasty problems for any prison.

As ever, Introversion have also made a video introducing the new update:

Cover image for YouTube video

So what's next? They've already announced two prototypes they've been working on, Wrong Wire and Scanner Sombre. Wrong Wire is a bomb disposal game, a bit like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes but singleplayer and more serious. Scanner Sombre, meanwhile, takes a wander through pitch-black caves with a scanning laser, reminding me of The Unfinished Swan for how you uncover details in a blank environment. Pip took a look at both of them in April, and John played Wrong Wire too. Introversion say Scanner Sombre will be first.

You can have a look yourself by skipping to 26 minutes in this Introversion vid:

Cover image for YouTube video

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