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Project Cars 2 trailer spares no thought for cold, wet cars


I worry about the cars in this new Project Cars 2 [official site] trailer. They're out in snow, ice, and torrential rain without so much as a scarf, mac, or mittens - dressed in the same liveries as on a sunny afternoon! I appreciate that weather systems with complex consequences are a big feature in the sequel to Slightly Mad's crowdfunded vroom 'em up but it seems irresponsible to make cars suffer just to prove a point in marketing. Look at this shameful display:

Cover image for YouTube video

Shocking! Here are some of the features they're trying to prove points about:

"Barometric pressure, ambient & track temperature, height above sea level, weather, wind, and time of day all have a direct influence over engine performance, aerodynamics, cooling from the radiator, brakes, and tire behaviour.

"The addition of fluid dynamics means that rainfall will now saturate the surfaces on which it falls; and if the surface type can’t absorb the rate of falling water, it will pool up and begin to run downhill where, eventually, it will find a low spot and form a puddle.

"Along with a dynamic drying line, and the ability to spread loose material from outfield areas onto the track, drivers are going to be closer to the environment of motor-racing than ever before."

Project Cars 2 is coming in "late 2017", published by Bandai Namco. Slightly Mad announced the sequel in 2015, only six weeks after launching the first game - which was still a bit wonky at the time. They've released a great many patches since then, mind, along with add-ons aplenty.

If you fancy some serious driving now, hey, the first Project Cars is on sale on Steam right now. It's £7.95/10,19€/$10.19 for the base game and £13.57 to get it with all the DLC too. Individual DLC packs are on sale too.

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