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PUBG has a new Team Deathmatch mode now

Plus new changes to Karakin and throwables

The latest Playerunknown's Battlegrounds patch went live today, introducing a classic Team Deathmatch game mode. It's being added as part of a new Arcade section in the game, which will start introducing more varied ways to play PUBG aside from the usual battle royale stuff. There's some updates to that battle royale stuff too, though, including a few alterations to the new map Karakin, as well as some changes to how grenades and throwables work.

PUBG did attempt an old TDM mode back in 2018 as part of an event, but this time it looks like the mode might stick around a bit longer. It's one of the first of a few rotating game modes that'll be available in the Arcade, though we don't know what the others will be just yet. For now, we do know these 8v8 death matches will be playable across areas of seven existing PUBG maps you can get a glimpse of in the trailer below.

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Unlike the battle royale mode (but just like most other deathmatch game modes) you'll respawn after a few seconds when you get killed, and usually you'll resurrect next to teammates (as long as they're not all dead too). There's no knockdowns or friendly fire, and to win a match your team will need to reach 50 kills before the other team does, or just have the most kills at the end of a 10 minute timer.

There are also some updates to the battle royale mode, including the ability to follow your friends when dropping in. It sounds a bit like the way you have to follow a jumpmaster in a Apex Legends, except in PUBG you'll need to opt-in to follow your squad and let them guide you down.

Lastly, this patch has some changes for the new map Karakin, increasing the spawn rates of first aid kits and boost items, and decreasing the spawn rates for DMRs, SRs and the Winchester. A couple of old favourite guns from the Vikendi map are making a comeback too, and there are a bunch of adjustments to the game's throwables you can check out in the patch notes.

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