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Breach & Breach & Breach & Clear: R6 Siege's Buck Buff

Breach and breach and breach

While Rainbow Six Siege [official site] may not be as serious a tactical shooter as some want, I did idly dream of an even less serious version playing up its destructible levels, with gunmen leaping through walls as if they were rice paper and stamping down through floors. I wouldn't want Siege to become that game, but I am tickled by the latest patch putting one character slightly closer to that. Here, come see how Buck can now saunter through wall after wall with his mega-buffed wall-smashing shotgun.

Look, I'll get round to explaining this in a minute but first, look at all the fuss Buck used to go through when he wanted to leap through a wall:

That's not cool, is it? That's faff. No one wants faff. "No thank you," they say, "no faff for me today! I will take some cool, though."

That's what Buck can do now. That's cool.

"Alice," you might hesitate to ask, "are you tripping your tits off on flu, flu medication, exhaustion, oversleeping, wooziness, dizziness, nausea, and all that, and sitting staring entranced muttering 'cool, cool' at GIFs of a man named Buck shotgunning through walls in a video game?"

I mean, yeah, I guess so.

That explanation I promised: Buck arrived in Siege with February's Operation Black Ice update. His gimmick is his rifle's 'Skeleton Key' underslung shotgun, which can blast men and breach walls. But its breaching power was limited, as demonstrated, so Ubisoft have buffed it nicely. As demonstrated. Did you see him leaping through those walls? Cool, cool cool cool, cool.

Buck's not the only one who can easily smash walls, mind. But did you see him etc.

Patch 2.3 is out today, with plenty of changes beyond that. Get stuck into the patch notes if you want, which have more details on improvements to hit detection and matchmaking, more balance tweaks, bug fixes, and plenty of other changes. More GIFs of that shotgun too.

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