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Rainbow Six Siege confirms another year of free content

No sequel yet, huzzah!

Rainbow Six Siege [official site] will receive another year of content updates, Ubisoft announced over the weekend. Given their ofondness for turning popular games into sequeloramas, that good to hear. Nope, instead we'll see free new maps, new characters, and new updates keeping the counter-terrorism FPS happily blowing down doors and rappelling through windows until the end of 2017.

Oh, and they announced all this at the weekend's Season 3 Pro League finals, which means there's a load of high-end action to watch for folks who're into that.

"Our wish is to keep supporting the game so we're glad to announce another full year of post-launch content coming to Rainbow Six Siege," Geneviève Forget, Siege's international product manager, said on the weekend's livestream. "It will be the biggest Rainbow Six year. We're pretty sure of that."

That's pretty much all Ubi have to say about that for now. But it's good to know, yeah?

Ubi also showed off Operation Red Crow, the free content update which will launch this Thursday, November 17th. They gave a tour of the new map, named Skyscraper, which is set in a Japanese mansion atop a tower. They also got into the new operators, the drone-using defender Echo and the explosive attacker Hibana. Then they hosted a demonstration match, showing all those together.

Head to 04:37:30 in this archived livestream for Red Crow then a dev panel. That included a demonstration of the upcoming "calibre-based destruction". While all bullets in Siege currently punch through walls with holes of the same size, the new system will support five different sizes, meaning higher-calibre guns will shred walls easily.

Ubi also announced that the Bartlett University map from Siege's co-op Terrorist Hunt mode will be brought over to PvP play.

And yes, folks played a whole lot of competitive Siege over the weekend. This archived stream has Saturday's action and this one has Sunday's.

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